Green Batik Baby Pillow

Green Batik Baby Pillow

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When babies are just born, they tend to have little twitches as their motoric movements are still developing. Most of the time these twitches happen after they have fallen into deep REM sleep and usually startle the baby awake when it does. Not only that, often times when we are trying to put babies down after being in our arms, the loss of warmth and pressure from our embrace startles them into a cry.

Our baby pillows are designed to help with the above two occurences in babies.
Filled with Food Grade green tea leaves, it provides just enough pressure to calm the baby down when it twitches or senses a loss of warmth or embrace.
The natural scent of the tea leaves would also provide the baby a calm, soothing scent.

Dimension: 15cm x 45cm
Weight: 350 - 450 gram

  • Care Instructions

    - Pillow cover can be washed by hand/machine
    - Pillow cannot come in contact with water
    - If pillow gets wet, please dry under the sun